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When your Dad leaves......

It's been roughly two and a half years since he left me. On Sunday, June 7, 2020 I went up to visit my dad. He was in some pain from nerve/back damage due to lifting a propane tank into his grill. My dad was 78 years old. A healthy man for the most part at his age. I came up to visit him as it was during the "Covid" BS! We sat in his garage and discussed life. Talked about his time in Vietnam and his time with the FBI. We talked about my current job at, Seed To Table. At one point I got up to get a beer from the garage refrigerator. My dad said, "Hey grab me one, I haven't had one in a couple of weeks!" So I grabbed both of us a beer. We drank. We talked. I got up to get another beer and my dad said, "Ya know I want another one!" So I grabbed my dad another "piss water" aka Coors Light (That was his beer). We had a great day! We talked and shared things that we really never shared before. Nothing major but just stuff from his past and from my past growing up. I gave him a hug that day. It was odd because usually it was always a hand shake and a "love you bud" ....But this day we gave a genuine hug. I got in my car and sat there. Looking at my dad. He was standing next to his 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit Edition. The look in his eyes was that he was in pain. However, my dad would never ever tell you he was hurting or in pain..... I called my sister and told her that backing out of this driveway right now is hard as Dad looks like he is in pain....... Wednesday June 10, 2020 my life would change forever.... I am sitting in our weekly managers meeting at, Seed To Table. Keep on getting a call from my dad's girlfriend. I keep on denying the call. Finally we were finishing up the meeting and I took the call from Laura. As I took the call I stepped out into the stairwell and she said, "Your dad is gone". I opened the door to our conference room with every manager there. My boss, my HR director.... And said, "I gotta go my dad is dead!" I ran down the stairs to my car and drove off...... My boss came running down and stopped me... he said, "Be safe! I love you bro!" On my way to my dad's house I had to call my sister. That was the worst call I have ever had to make. She was hanging out with friends and family on a boat! I had to tell her that our dad was gone! Looking back I wish I could of broke the news to her differently, but at the time I was in such shock that I was just blunt and said, "Hey dad is dead!" I finally got to the house and the Sheriff led me into my dads room. There my dad was laying peacefully on his bed. He got up that day and at some point decided to go back and take a nap..... He just never woke up from that nap. I miss that man every damn day! We had our ups and our downs. But at the end of the day that man loved me. He supported me through everything I did. He allowed me to grow into the man I am today. He didn't agree with all of my decisions but his love never wavered! He was tough! He was fair! He was everything that a father/dad should be! A friend sent me a song when they learned of my dad's passing. Luke Bryan, Drink A Beer. It was the perfect song at the perfect moment. I would give anything to drink a beer with my dad one more time. Cheers to you Dad!!!!! I love YOU!!! I MISS YOU!!! Until Next Time, Spiral Out

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