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Dating In the Social Media World

Well after almost three years "off the market" I find myself thrust back into the world of dating. For those of you that don't know dating in today's world absolutely SUCKS!!! For the most part it all starts with the online dating world of apps: Tinder, Bumble, Match, and a shit ton of other apps I haven't even attempted to look at. So I jumped back on Tinder and Bumble. Both are relatively the same in most regards. In order to "talk" to someone you both have to "swipe right" with each other. If you pay for the services you can see if someone "swiped right" on you and then you can decide if you want to "swipe right" or "swipe left" on said person. Bumble is different in the aspect that it if you do match with another woman then she is the one that has to message first. Where as Tinder if you match with someone then either or can send a message. With both of these apps, there are a wide range of questions you can answer to show your interests, political views, pronouns (Bullshit!), Religion, short term, long term, kids, no kids, want kids, vaccinated, unvaccinated, etc. Some people get into very specifics of what they want or don't want. I get it we all want what we want. Granted we all can't get everything we want and relationships, regardless if they are brand new or established, are all about compromise and communication. So there in lies an issue. Let's say a man and a woman match on one of these apps and start chatting. That in turn leads to exchanging phone numbers with texting. Decide to meet up at something casual for a walk in a park. Everything goes great and plan a "date" (I use that term loosely) to meet up for drinks and appetizers. Date was awesome and both had a good time. Texting is hit or miss over the next few days. Not sure to text to much as one doesn't want to seem "needy", "overbearing", etc. Then its established that both are looking for something casual. Looking for someone to hang out with, go to parks with, go to the beach with, etc. Then meet up again and have a great night. Things transpire and both enjoy the night/morning with one another. That's when shit gets weird. How much texting is too much? You've been told that they had a great night with you and looking forward to seeing you soon. Can't wait to do that all again. Then it's "crickets". Or there's a text that just says, "hope you day is well." Or you don't hear from them at all and send a text, " was your day?" Typical response of "My day was great. How was yours?" WTF???? I'm not looking to jump into a full blown relationship at this point, but if we've already done the sleep over thing then please enlighten me on what you want? If I text to much then I'm overbearing.... Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut if I don't text at all I'm told "I don't think you're interested in me...." I'm just not down for these dating games in the world of 2023. If you're not "available" to date and try to get to know someone then just come out and say, "Listen, I just want to fuck and I will let you know what that schedule is!"

Trust me I won't text at all. I won't call at all. You get what you give. If you don't pay attention or put in any effort regardless of if its just, a casual hookup or leading towards something serious, then kick rocks!!! I don't have time for the games! At the end of the day.... You say you want to be open about everything well then do it... Give it to me in BLACK & WHITE! Don't sugar coat shit! Ya want the "friends with benefits" thing? Then say as much and tell me what that looks like... I've got plenty of other shit to worry about besides you or any other women that has no clue what the fuck they want at this time in their life! SMH Ya'll are a special breed!!! Until Next Time, Spiral Out


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